YOUR BODY SINGS! A Feldenkrais / Circlesinging Workshop 

Class involves body movement, so dress accordingly, and please bring a thick blanket or padded mat for floor work. 

“Free the Body, Free the Voice"       

• Come and explore  your voice in this playful, joyous, quiet and exuberant workshop 

• Feel your voice ringing in your soul. 

• Unlock the patterns that give you discomfort , inhibit your instrument, your body, yourself from being fully expressed. 

Just as a well designed instrument can create beautiful music, the sounds we create with our voice rely on our instrument being finely tuned. Paris combines the gentle  Awareness Through Movement lessons with Circlesinging and other vocal explorations helping each person discover and release old patterns and habits that hold back vocal freedom and creativity.

Open to the Professional,  amateur, and those who wish to be singers -- all will progress at their own level.The day will move between singing together and alone, participating in Awareness Through Movement lessons and Master Class work with individuals.

Paris Kern is a singer focusing primarily on traditional folk music and spontaneous composition known as CircleSinging, a form of choral singing developed by Bobby McFerrin, a highly experienced Feldenkrais Teacher.  Paris is now combining these two areas of her life to help singers discover more freedom, ease and joy in their voice.  Using  Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons along with vocal explorations singers discover new potential and uncover old habits that get in the way of their ability to express themselves.


"Paris Kern has helped countless people free unnecessary stress from the body, and I’ve watched singers experience immediate and positive vocal changes with her masterful guidance.  She has a generous spirit and gentle touch, backed by decades of experience in the Feldenkrais Technique.  She is not to be missed.”

      -Judi Vinar, Voice Teacher and Singer

" I attended Paris' workshop in January 2019. Being used to investing a lot of effort in body practices and singing lessons, it was amazing to see how my body and voice dropped into a new state of relaxation and self-awareness as I flashed a gentle diamond-like focus into the subtleties of those phenomenas. Thank you, Paris!"

     -Guilherme Alves,  Music therapist and Yoga teacher in Rio de Janeiro 

“Paris Kern is an effective communicator who is thoroughly knowledgeable in her craft and practice of Feldenkrais. I have personally experienced her workshops as well as a private session, during which she quickly improved my balance, flexibility and awareness, giving me tools to continue my progress. I highly recommend Paris Kern and refer people to her with great confidence.”

    -Kaylé Brecher, jazz vocalist, composer, educator