Strumming technique is essential to intermediate and advanced guitar playing. Learn how and when to use a pick, where to position your strumming arm on the ridge of the guitar, to strum from the arm/elbow vs. wrist and when to down vs. up strum songs.  Master various key strumming patterns (incorporating quarter and eighth note variations, up/down strokes and recognizable rhythm guitar patterns that will immediately improve and spice up your playing. In the class, we will apply these strumming techniques and patters to various songs (Dylan, Prine, Beatles, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt etc) to get comfortable using what we’ve learned through playing great songs. This practice will illustrate how mastering various strumming patterns and techniques can change your guitar playing, sound and confidence.  People taking this class should have basic knowledge of chords and the ability to play chord structures. 

Course instructor, Annie Keating has played guitar for 35 years, written and recorded 10 albums and toured internationally many times in more than half a dozen countries. She’s taught guitar for years and believes in making the process of learning new skills fun, engaging, inspiring and do-able.