Ghost Train Orchestra, founded in 2006 by trumpeter/arranger Brian Carpenter, performs "miniature symphonies" from their critically-acclaimed series Book of Rhapsodies Volume I and II. With Andy Laster (alto saxophone, clarinet), Dennis Lichtman (clarinet), Petr Cancura (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Sara Caswell (violin), Emily Bookwalter (viola), Avi Bortnick (guitar), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Ron Caswell (tuba), Michael Bates (bass), Rob Garcia (drums).

"What makes all of this music work are Carpenter’s total dedication to the arrangements, his love of these bygone composers and a sense of pure, joyous fun...the only thing better than listening to this music is hearing it live." -- Frank Alkyer, Downbeat

"Hints of Henry Mancini and Esquivel...cartoon music...overtones of 20th century classical composition...taken as a whole, it's intoxicating fun." - Mark Keresman, ICON Magazine,

"Brian Carpenter, who plays the trumpet here, took these old-old recordings, transcribed them for a ten-piece band and added his own touches. It's music with grit to it, with drive and raw energy" -- Patrick Jarenwattanon, NPR All Things Considered