Dust off your dancing shoes (and fiddles) and head to Jalopy Theatre for a Cajun jam followed by a dance party with the Hi-Lo Aces, Brooklyn's newest hard-rockin' Cajun band!

The Cajun jam will start at 7pm, followed by live music and dancing from 8-10pm. Tickets only $15!

About the band: The Hi-Lo Aces discovered each other and their collective love for Cajun music at the Swamp in the City festival in Spring, 2018. Since then, they have been honing their skills and are ready to spread their delusions, revelations and infectious rhythms to inspire stomping, dancing and occasional fits of inner reflection. The core members are Adam Bellard on vocals, accordion, lap steel and occasional guitar, Noah Hahn on guitar, vocals and occasional bass, and Hannah Marie Marcus on fiddle, accordion and vocals.