This course takes guitar playing basics to the next level, as we explore “Travis picking” patterns, learn how to play alternate bass lines ("the "steady-bass" style), master new chord voicings, arpeggios and capo techniques that will spice up your playing. Participants will review and read tablature picking patterns, while exploring capo and arpeggio/fingerpicking techniques. The focus will be on learning and incorporating these techniques and skills to successfully fingerpick great songs (including Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Dylan as well as a classic finger picking folk standards).  We will also look at some essential strumming techniques and patterns that will vastly improve your guitar playing. For those interested in finger-style guitar (made simple and fun) and motivated to master three and four finger picking patterns that open a new world of songs … join us for this workshop! People taking this class should have basic knowledge of chords and the ability to play chord structures. 

Course instructor, Annie Keating has played guitar for 35 years, written and recorded 10 albums and toured internationally many times in more than half a dozen countries. She’s taught guitar for years and believes in making the process of learning new skills fun, engaging, inspiring and do-able.